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Hello there! Thank you for visiting my blog, Don’t Shush Me! I am a librarian-to-be, currently working to complete my coursework for my Master of Library and Information Science degree, with my Pennsylvania School Librarian teaching certification at Drexel University. With a passion for literacy and all things technology related, I intend to create a school library that is safe place for my students to think, create, and try, while they gain an understanding of information literacy, an appreciation for reading, and a lifelong love of learning.

Thanks for joining me here at Don’t Shush Me!, where I’ll be book reviewing and book talking a myriad of Teen reading choices, as well as other resources and topics of interest to young adults today.

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Kelsey Bogan


  1. Hello! I just started a new job at a secondary school library in Ireland (although I’m American 🙂 – I love your blog! It’s going to be so helpful, as this is a new career for me. Looking forward to reading all of your posts!


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