(Review-YA) Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Clare, Cassandra, and Mike Rosamilia. Clockwork Angel. New York: Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2010. Print. ISBN-13: 978-1416975878. Formats available: hardcover, paperback, ebook, audiobook. Paperback $7.39.

Info 684 Genre: Historical Fiction

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The first entry into Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices series, Clockwork Angel takes place in the same world, but 100 years prior, to her wildly popular Immortal Instruments series. Clockwork Angel is set during the Victorian Era of England. 16-year-old Tessa Gray grew up knowing nothing of the supernatural world around her, believing herself a 100% ‘mundane’ human. Following the death of her guardian, Tessa travels across the Atlantic to join her brother in England. Upon reaching England, however, nothing goes quite to plan, her brother fails to meet her, and she is quickly swept into the dark, dangerous, and mysterious world of the “Downworlders.”

Imprisoned and tortured, Tessa struggles to understand this new world and where she fits into it. Escaping imprisonment Tessa finds herself “adopted” into the Shadowhunters Institute, where she quickly makes friends, becoming especially close to the distant and enigmatic Will, and his kind and mysterious friend James. As her search for her brother continues, becoming increasingly more dangerous, Tessa learns there are more than just humans walking the night and must decide where she fits in this fight between good and evil.

My take: Victorian England is portrayed with dizzying detail, from the streets of London, to the etiquette of ladies and gentleman, while the supernatural aspects of the world are painted with far less detail. The heroine accepts the supernatural world’s existence with little fanfare or surprise and jumps right into the battle between the Shadowhunters and demons. The cast of characters are each interesting, from the motherly leader and her absent-minded professor-like husband, to the two mysterious and handsome young men, and the vain young woman with secret fears, these characters are sure to worm their way into your heart. Fans of steampunk and fantasy, especially, will be drawn into this dark and epic start to The Infernal Devices trilogy, and the dramatic end will leave you scrambling for the next in the series. These series aren’t losing their popularity and make a great addition to libraries serving young adults.

Themes include: Historical gender roles, identity, family, loyalty, courage, good vs. evil, friendship, love
Awards: New York Times Bestseller

About the Author: Cassandra Clare moved around a lot in her youth and found familiarity and comfort in books. Inspired by the urban landscape of New York City, her favorite city, Cassandra began writing what would later become her popular debut novel, City of Bones, book 1 of the Immortal Instruments in 2004.

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  1. Okay okay can I just say that this series is my absolute favorite! I love it so much and I like how you described the characters (especially Will and Jem <3). I really enjoy blogging about YA books too (I just started :P) and it would be so cool to hear what you have to say about some of my other favorites!


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