Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter

The Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter

Showalter, Gena. The Queen of Zombie Hearts. , 2014. Print. ISBN-13: 9780373211319. Formats available: hardcover, paperback, ebook, audiobook. Paperback $9.18. Kindle $7.99.

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Synopsis: (no spoilers)

Ali knew who she was when she woke up, but seems to have changed a lot since then…

Ali has been through a lot since her family died and since she learned about (and how to fight) zombies. She’s made friends, fallen in love, been betrayed, tortured, and been nearly killed (a lot). She’s made and lost friends to the zombies, and the evil corporation controlling them. Now it’s time she and her friends “girl up” (way better than “manning up”), and make everyone pay.

Just in time for the biggest battle of their lives, Ali discovers her powers are strengthening more and more. And she’s developed a few new ones too. They might be just what she needs to turn the tide in this war, but they don’t come without danger and sacrifice. Ali will need to dig deep for the strength to win this final fight, and will learn more about betrayal and sacrifice than she thought possible to keep the rest of her loved ones alive.


Themes include: Survival, death, grief, romance, love, family, zombies, betrayal, and sacrifice.

My Thoughts: (No spoilers) It’s time to “put on your big girl panties” (as Kat would say), and read The Queen of Zombie Hearts, the final installment of Ali’s story in The White Rabbit Chronicles. A Mad Zombie Party comes out in September 2015 and will chronicle the adventures of other characters in the world of The White Rabbit Chronicles. This is simultaneously the most heart-wrenching, and most humorous installment so far. Showalter doesn’t pull any punches with this one, and the characters suffer incredible trials and loss, however she manages to add enough light-hearted moments, steamy romance, and Kat’s patented blend of ego and humor to lighten the mood when necessary. This entire series is peppered liberally with equal parts romance, horror, action, mystery, lovable characters, and laugh-out-loud humor, making it one of my favorites. This book brought enough conflict, tension, fun, and surprises to make it a thrilling, suspenseful, and ultimately satisfying conclusion to this arc in the series. Somewhat mature themes (death, blood/gore, & sexual content) will be found, however nothing too graphic. A recommended read for those who like a laugh with their horror, and characters they’ll fall in love with again, and again.

Liked it? Loved it? Gotta have more of it?
The first two books in the White Rabbit Chronicles are Alice in Zombieland and Through the Zombie Glass

  • A Mad Zombie Party new book in this series featuring a different main character comes out in September 2015.
    • **PLEASE BEWARE!** – the description of Mad Zombie Party includes a MAJOR SPOILER to the series, so if you haven’t read all three that are currently out now, you may want to wait to read the description for this one!


  • Locate Alice in Zombieland at your local library through Worldcat.org
  • Find some White Rabbit Chronicles wallpapers and other extras on the White Rabbit Chronicles website.
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About the Author: Gena Showalter is the author of the YA fantasy White Rabbit Chronicles, as well as an adult fantasy series.

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Book Talk: Kelsey Bogan. 2015. All rights reserved.


  1. […] I thoroughly enjoyed the first three books in this series, and have been looking forward to the next installment! The series reminds me a lot of the tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a group of teenagers fighting supernatural creatures (in this case Zombie creatures). Theres a lot of romantic entanglements and a ton of laugh-out-loud humor, reminding me a lot of Buffy. Brings me back to my own YA days….. lol! I have reviews written for book 1, Alice in Zombieland and book 3, Queen of Zombies […]


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