I’ve been nominated for…The Blogger Recognition Award

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Many thanks to Sumaya @ Sue’s Reading Corner for nominating me!

What is it?

This award was created by Edge of Night so that bloggers can recognize and thank other bloggers for being a part of this incredible blogosphere we are a part of!

What to do when you’ve been awarded?

1. Nominate 15 other blogs you want to give this award too! Dig around for those nominees (and you can’t nominate yourself or the person who nominated you, silly!)

2. Create a post to show off your award. Tell us a little bit about your blog and your blogging journey. Give some advice to other bloggers about blogging and the blogosphere. List the person who nominated you, and include your award in the post!

3. Comment on the 15 blogs to let them know you are nominating them!

4. Provide a link to the original creator of the award, Edge of Night so that we can all keep track of the award’s origins!

My Blogging Story

I just started my blog in June 2015, and I’ve never blogged before. Actually the origin of my blog is kind of funny, it started as a school assignment!! I’m in graduate school to get my library degree and my YA Resources class required us to read 20 YA books and review them online by creating a blog or wiki. I decided to give blogging a try. Pretty much immediately fell in love with this social media type and the amazing community of fellow readers and book lovers I’ve been able to meet. So I decided to keep the blog going and to include not just YA but also talk about the New Adult and Adult books I read as well. My favorite part of blogging is getting to reflect on what I’ve read by reviewing it, but more importantly the social nature of the blogosphere. There are so many great book bloggers out there that I have been able to “meet” and talk to, and that has been awesome. And, I’ve gotten fabulous book recommendations for books I never otherwise would have heard of! Also, publishers are agreeing to send me ARCs of books I otherwise would have bought anyway. I mean, really, for a book lover, can life get any better?

My Advice

Well I suppose it depends on what your reason for blogging. If you want to talk about the books you read, then my advice is… just do that as often as you like! If your goal is to meet other book bloggers and talk about books, then I recommend finding some popular tags and initially search those tags regularly to find other book bloggers. If your goal is to get a large amount of followers… then post regularly, post about popular or anticipated books, and read, comment, like, and follow lots and lots of other bloggers. And be patient, it doesn’t happen over night. Most of all, though I just recommend you enjoy your blogging experience in any way that makes you happy. This is a community and its for fun, so you should just enjoy the ride!

And I would like to nominate…

Tris’ Nook

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Not Another Dumb Blonde

Reading Nook84

Stacks of Warm Fuzzies

Josie’s Book Corner


A Sea Change

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Rickus Bookshelf

*** Yay! Bloggers Unite for Awards! ***

16 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated for…The Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Thank you for nominating me! I will put your name and your blog link on my award which I have already done! 😄
    I love the origin of your blog. A school assignment? That is SO cool. And its even cooler that you stuck with it!
    xoxo 💋

    Liked by 1 person

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