Need help from my YA blogger friends!

Ok everyone, I need a wee bit of help here!


I need some help with my class project, can any of my fellow YA book bloggers/readers help me?

As you may know, my blog started out as a class project for my YA Resources class (I’m getting my degree in Librarianship). Well the term is almost over (I’m going to keep the blog going afterwards because its so much fun!) and one of the aspects of the blog is that we have to “informally interview” some Young Adults, and include at least 5 quotes from them about the genre we chose to focus on in the blog. I chose to focus on Science Fiction & Fantasy YA books. A Young Adult is basically anyone from age 12-25ish, and I know a lot of you awesome bloggers fall into that range.

So I humbly ask if you might leave a comment with a quote from you, onΒ either or both of these topics?

  • Are you a reader of Sci-fi/fantasy? What else do you read, how often, etc?
  • What social media platforms do you use, whats your favorite, why, etc?
  • Are there any websites/resources you use to find book recommendations? Do you ever use the library/librarian?
  • Do you prefer physical books or ebooks? Where do you get your books from. If you use any devices to read on, what are they and why do you like that particular device?

I will put the quotes up on a couple of pages in my blog, next week until after my blog is “graded,” and I can absolutely keep your quote anonymous if you like!Β Thank you Thank you!


19 thoughts on “Need help from my YA blogger friends!

  1. I mainly read YA fantasy-often dystopian- but I also like to read historical fiction, classics and mysteries:-) Goodreads is typically where I get book recommendations, but I will sometimes get books out from the library if they’re too expensive or I’m not sure if I’ll like the book. Physical books are definitely my favourite, but sometimes I will listen to audiobooks on my phone:-) Good luck with your project and degree!

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  2. I read Fantasy YA books as well as Contemporary and Dystopian YA. I read every day unless I’m really busy.
    Social media platform I use include Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads ( does that even count?). I use Twitter more because of the word to picture ratio of Twitter and Facebook. With Twitter, you get more words and I like that! πŸ˜‰
    I use Goodreads to find recommendations a lot of the time. There are other websites, like Epic Reads or Pulseit, I go in search of books to read, even if it’s just to put on my TBR pile. As for using librarians as a source, I’ve got to say that I haven’t had to in a while, but when librarians give me recommendations, they’re usually pretty good!
    I prefer physical over eBook any day! Even though I own a Kobo Arc, I still love turning pages and feeling the book in my hands, looking at that cover over and over again. I read eBooks because sometimes it’s a quicker way to get the book from the library and it’s usually cheaper to purchase. Also, the Kobo Arc I’m using is a tablet, so I’m not only using it for books.

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    • Thank you! I think goodreads definitely counts as social media! I’ve noticed its very popular with my fellow bloggers, so I’m trying to use it more often. I do like their “recommendation” lists! I laugh when people say that physical books are “dying” because I’ve noticed that most readers still prefer physical books over e-books!

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  3. My favourite genre is Fantasy so I tend to lean more towards those books whether or not I’ve heard of the author or the book itself. I also read some Sci-fi and Dystopian, the latter more often than the former. There’s something about a world destroyed that gets to me. I want to see how people live after losing almost everything, how they recover from that.
    I use Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (Twitter to live-tweet TV shows and Facebook for personal uses). Goodreads is my favourite. I feel welcome there. It’s so easy to make friends when people enjoy the same things you do.
    Goodreads is my go to for recommendations. Sometimes my final choice on whether to read a book or not depends on the good to bad review ratio. I also go through YouTube in search of BookTubers if I need any more convincing. Unfortunately there aren’t any ‘casual reads’ libraries around but the internet helps me with finding new books just fine.
    I prefer physical books. There’s nothing else like the feeling of picking a book up, sitting back to read and turning the pages. I do read ebooks sometimes though. I have the kindle app on my iPad and most of my ebooks are for reviewing purposes so it comes in handy. I’m not such a fan of the iPad (we have a love/hate relationship) because it’s huge but it allows me to read my ebooks so I’m surviving.

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    • Thank you! I’ve noticed that goodreads is very popular, and although i have an account I’ve never really used it. I usually use amazon for recommendations. But maybe Ill have to give goodreads more of a try for now on!

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  4. I’ll gladly help you out! πŸ˜„
    I am a huge lover and reader of the Fantasy genre. Most of the books I read are of that genre. However I do like to read my fair share of sci-fi and contemporaries that focus around things such as diversity and mental illness.
    I use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Goodreads. My favourite for bookish related things is definitely Goodreads, Instagram and Twitter. Twitter is amazing for chatting directly with other bloggers and connecting with authors about their books. Goodreads is completely book oriented so obviously it’s amazing for sharing the love for the books you read and for keeping track of them. And Instagram is just a wonderful platform for books – so many pretty pictures!
    I find the blogosphere and YouTube, along with Goodreads are the best places to get book recommendations.
    I’m half half on physical books and ebooks. Physical books are simply marvelous to hold on your hands, feel the glorious pages and the weight of it in your hand. They are expensive but totally worth the money. And on the other side of the spectrum, ebooks are cheap, portable and great ways to read books! And you’ll never run out of shelf space! πŸ˜„

    Xoxo πŸ’‹

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    • Thank you! I just got an instagram account so I’m playing with learning about that one. Last year twitter was new to me and three months ago I’d never blogged, so these social media platforms are keeping me on my toes!

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  5. My shelves are filled with sci-fi/fantasy reads! πŸ˜€ Other than that, I mainly read contemporary and manga. Sometimes I’ll dabble in historical fiction, new adult, or adult thrillers.
    As for social media, I don’t use it quite often. Oops. But when I do I use twitter, instagram (which I’m extremely new to. How do you use this thing???), and tumblr. Tumblr is my favorite, though, because there I can be my 500% fangirl self and not be judged. Plus, it’s great for news when pertaining to a certain fandom. Seriously. Things spread lightning fast on there, it’s scary.
    A lot of the time I’ll just walk up and down the aisles of Barnes & Noble (or the library) like 80 times to examine the shelves, and pull out what calls to me. Sometimes I use tumblr for recs, but not very often. I watch a lot of booktube, so I find out a lot about certain books through there. And sometimes I just browse through overdrive. :3
    I like both physical books and ebooks, but I mainly only own physical books. I have very few ebooks. Either way, I only ever buy books if I know I’m going to like it. So a lot of the time, I’ll read ebooks borrowed from the library. (I use overdrive both on my phone and my ipad. It depends on what I’m doing, though. So if I’m babysitting, I’ll use my phone to read because then I’m not 1. carrying around a huge book that could potentially get destroyed by kids and 2. I’m not carrying around my ipad which could potentially get destroyed by kids. Or I could be waiting for my mom at the hair/nail salon in which case, I’ll still use my phone because my ipad could potentially be stolen right out of my hands. (Yes, I am that paranoid. Lol.) Plus, my phone is much easier to carry around outside as opposed to an ipad. However, I’ll use my iPad at home, when I’m nice and cozy in my bed. :3) Also, I mainly buy from Barnes & Noble or Book Outlet. (P.S. Sorry for this long answer D:)
    Good luck! πŸ˜€ ❀

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    • lol I like overdrive too, I just started using it this year and its kind of awesome! I’ve been wanting to give manga a try, I’ve never read it before! If you have any particular recommendations for someone new to it, I’d love to hear πŸ™‚


      • When I first started with manga I read Fruits Basket, but that can be a little difficult to find (legally) since it’s out of print. Then, of course I’d have to recommend Sailor Moon πŸ˜€ I’d also definitely recommend Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. I feel like shoujo manga is always the best route to go when starting to read manga because not a lot goes on, so it’s easier to get accustomed to the style of reading. :3

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  6. I read YA fantasy, as well as contemporary romance, with a little bit or paranormal or scifi thrown in every once and a while.
    As a blogger, my only “social media” is my actual blog (though I’m considering expanding that soon), and even in “real life” I only have a Facebook–social media isn’t really my thing. I tried using Goodreads, but it never clicked with me.
    I get most of my recommendations from other bloggers, or from just standing in a book store and seeing which books grab me. I never use the library. (I like owning my books! They’re my babies!)
    I always use physical books, mainly because I do most of my reading during school and an e-reader would get stolen/taken away. Also, then I can organize them on my shelves and stare at them, and if I want someone to read books, I can literally put them in their hands. I buy most of my books from Amazon, but I also go to local bookstores and Barnes and Noble.
    Good luck with your project!

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  7. – I love reading SFF, both YA and adult categories, including sci-fi, epic fantasy, urban fantasy, fairytale retellings, etc. I also enjoy reading romances and some historical fiction.

    – I used WordPress for my blog and I also have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Goodreads. My favorite is Twitter because the platform is the easiest to use in terms of connecting with authors and fellow readers/book bloggers.

    – I usually get recommendations from fellow book bloggers. Sometimes, I also browse on Goodreads. There aren’t that many good public libraries in the Philippines so no, I wasn’t really using the library there. Here in Singapore, sometimes I visit the library but in order to borrow books, I would have to pay a membership fee because I’m a foreigner.

    – I don’t really have a strong preference between physical books or ebooks. I do have a Kindle and I use it a lot since it’s a lot easier to carry around when commuting or traveling. I also try not to buy as many physical books as I normally would if I had a permanent home since I move around a lot.

    Hope my answers help! πŸ˜€

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    • I’ve been moving about a lot the last few years too and have found myself avoiding buying too many physical books for that reason. I can’t wait to have a permanent place to set them all up in lol


  8. Are you a reader of Sci-fi/fantasy? What else do you read, how often, etc?
    Yes! But more fantasy than Sci-fi. I haven’t really found the book that’s pulled me into the genre. I also read contemporary, retellings, historical fiction, etc. I basically read anything as long as I’m interested but Sci-fi is probably the genre I read the least. I usually find myself in a mood where I only read a certain genre. January and February this year were only tough issue/contemporary novels and July-August seems to be a lot of fantasy? I don’t know! I just pick it up based on my mood!
    What social media platforms do you use, whats your favorite, why, etc?
    I have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype (is that social media???), and Goodreads. However, the only one I even sort of check on a daily basis is going to be Instagram or Goodreads. I don’t really have a favorite because I don’t really like social media that much.
    Are there any websites/resources you use to find book recommendations? Do you ever use the library/librarian?
    Goodreads, book blogs, friends, and the new releases shelf. I used to ask librarians for recommendations but I’ve since found that I prefer finding books I’m interested in myself.
    Do you prefer physical books or ebooks? Where do you get your books from. If you use any devices to read on, what are they and why do you like that particular device?
    Physical books. I think I could get into ebooks but I don’t own an ereader and I like the feeling of holding a book and turning the pages. I use my phone for the few ARCS I have but I don’t like it because the screen is so small. I get my books mainly from the library but occasionally I’ll pick up books from Half-Price Books or Goodwill. I rarely buy any books new unless I get giftcards.

    I just sort of answered all of them. Hope my answers are somewhat helpful!

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