The While we wait for Queen of Shadows Book Tag!

QOS book tag

Ok, I have decided to create my very first ever book tag!

Basically I am just so flipping excited for the release of Sarah J. Maas’ Queen of Shadows, fourth book in the Throne of Glass series this week (Releases Tuesday, September 1, 2015) that I decided to create a book tag to help us get excited about the release, and also to help pass the time until we can read it!

So, please, I invite all Sarah J. Maas fans to have fun with this tag, and links back to my site are most appreciated!

Favorite book by Sarah J. Maas & why?


This is very hard, because I’ve enjoyed them all, especially Throne of Glass & A Court of Thorns and Roses (link takes you to my review), but I suppose I’d have to choose Throne of Glass since, if that one had not been so awesome, I probably never would have read any of her other works!

Favorite character in Throne of Glass series & why?


Celeana, again because, if I hadn’t liked her so much, I wouldn’t have gotten into the books at all. I actually love how inconsistent she is, it makes her seem real. Like one minute she’s a tough, hard as nails assassin with a sharp sense of humor, then the next minute she’s binge eating sweets and pouting about not getting to go to a ball. I like that she can be tough AND girly. I think this is an important thing for young women to realize, that you don’t have to fit in one box. I think YA books tend to force their heroines into the sweet/girl OR tough/tom boy boxes.

Ok, which team are you on (Dorian, Chaol, or Rowan)?


I’m still on team Chaol for Celeana to end up with (I always go for the hardworking, honorable guy), but Rowan has become an interesting character. I think Ill reserve judgment until after reading Queen of Shadows, hopefully I’ll learn enough about both to choose my new favorite lol!

How long have you had to wait between reading Heir of Fire, & Queen of Shadows?


I’m very lucky in a way, because I only found this series about two months ago, so my wait between Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows has not been too long!

What are your favorites out of the books that have helped you pass the time in between Sarah J. Maas book releases?


I loved her A Court of Thorns and Roses, also Kiss of Deception, and The Winners Curse. Actually I’m quite obsessed with the Winners Curse series, I cannot wait for the next release in that series, but its so far away! Not until the spring 😦

When do you think you’ll get a chance to read Queen of Shadows?


Oh, Im very lucky because I have off of work on tuesday, which means I will be downloading the book to my kindle monday night at midnight on the dot and I will be staying up all night to read it lol. So, if you have to wait a while, you can at least look forward to my review, which I plan to have up on the blog by Tuesday morning lol!

What would you say to recommend Sarah J. Maas books to someone who has never read them?


First I’d be like, “What do you mean, you haven’t read them yet?” Just kidding!

I’d say go read them right now! lol I’d say if you want heroines that are tough but compassionate, with human flaws and concerns then these books are great. If you like books with (hot) honorable, complex, awesome male characters, these books may be for you. If you like a medieval-type setting, with action, intrigue, and fantasy bits mixed in, give this author a try!

Ok let me tag some of my fellow bloggers who I know are fans of this series, but please anyone feel free to use the tag!

(or to ignore it if tags are not to your liking, or you are busy, of course!)

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Analee @ Book Snacks

Anjie @ Love thy Shelf

Becca @ Becca and Books

Ali @ Ali Books

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