Queen of Shadows Update – 60% read

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Ok Just a quick update on my progress for QOS, since I have to get back to reading lol

I started reading 5.5 hours ago and I’m at 60% right now. Im just about to start Part II, so its a good resting place.

So far, so good!

Highlights so far

– Scenes with Rowan (they are great)

– Learning more about Arobynn (i didn’t read the novellas)

– Scenes with witches are a bit more interesting this time than in Heir of Fire

Not so great parts

-The parts with Chaol, he’s much changed now & I’m not liking him!

-Not a lot of Dorian or palace scenes

(I don’t mind not seeing a lot of Dorian because I’m “meh” about him, but I know this will disappoint some of you guys)

Ok, well thats it for now, but my full review should be up in a few hours after I finish the book!

Hey let me know if you guys like spoilers, or reviews without spoilers.

I’m always curious about this 🙂

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