(Release Day Review) Queen of Shadows by SJM

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

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Maas, Sarah J, and Sarah J. Maas. Queen of Shadows. , 2015. Print. ISBN-13: 9781619636040 .
Formats available: hardcover, ebook. Hardcover $11.71. Kindle $9.99.

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy (Ranging on the older side of YA now though)


My thoughts:

Omigod. Woah. Holy Canoli.

Ok, I’ve finished reading Queen of Shadows. I have so many feels right now.

It was over 650 pages long, and took me 9.5 hours to read! (I didn’t have work today lol). That means it actually took me LONGER to read, than the 7th Harry Potter Book. Which is Crazy.

So here is my review, which is going to be more of a commentary on the book than a traditional review. I’ve decided that there will be no major spoilers but there will be hints, teases, and possibly very minor plot spoilers, otherwise it’d be hard to talk about it at all. But I promise, no major spoilers!


Sarah J. Maas has once again crafted a spectacular, epic and sprawling fantasy event with Queen of Shadows, the fourth entry into the Throne of Glass series.


Celeana/Aelin, newly confident in her powers and abilities, rushes back to Riftold to face her past, and save her cousin from the King of Aderlan. Aelin teams up with members of the Rebellion to figure out how to save both her cousin and the Prince, as well as how to ultimately defeat the King and his evil, demon-infected minions.


The first two books happen primarily in the Aderlan palace, so we get a lot of the King’s and Dorian’s antics. Then the third book takes place mostly at Mistward with Rowan. This time the plot and setting takes place almost entirely in Riftold, but not in the palace. Rather, Aelin and company spends most of their time in the city. As a consequence of this we do not get to see much from the King or Dorian. Much of the plot also occurs with the Ironteeth witches located on Perrington’s lands.

Characters & Perspectives

This books has many perspectives, most notably Aelin, Chaol, Rowan, Manon, and a new character who interacts with the witches and Manon, in particular. I don’t want to spoil who the new character is, but the new character showed a lot of promise for being an interesting addition, and the ending of the book indicates that this new character will have a part to play in the future. We are reunited with Kaltain and get to see what kind of horrors have been forced on her. I’m sure you didn’t think you could pity her, but trust me, you will. We also get to (finally) meet Arobynn, Aelin’s erstwhile savior(ish) and mentor(ish), the devious King of Assasins. I have not read the novellas, so I was happy to finally meet him and learn what kind of person he is. We get to see quite a lot of him, and we get to see his cunning and cleverness. I enjoyed watching Aelin match wits with him, and enjoyed watching them try to outmaneuver each other. He was quite manipulative and it was hard to tell what his endgame was. We also meet a new character from Aelin’s past who has their own secrets and plays a major role in the plot. Many of the old characters are much changed, and are struggling to deal with the events of Crown of Midnight, and Heir of Fire. So we do see character development, especially in Chaol and Manon. I think Manon’s character development is the most interesting to see. I didn’t care for the witches’ storylines in HOF, but, especially in the second half of QOS, they become much more interesting!


Generally I really liked this entry into the series. Its still not quite as good as the first book, mostly I think, because the plot meanders a bit. TOG had a much tighter and more focused plot and series of events. QOS feels more like two books (and it is in fact divided into two parts) so the plot is a bit less focused, and more encompassing. Plus the world is getting much bigger, as we get more perspectives from the witches and their companions, making the whole story much broader-reaching. Some of the most enjoyable parts were getting to see more of Rowan. The scenes with him and Aelin are adorable, sweet, frustrating, and very funny. I had a dorky grin on my face for a lot of those scenes. One of the things I enjoyed more than I tought I would was learning more about Manon and the witches. They weren’t very interesting to me in Heir of Fire, but they become much more so in this book. (MINOR SPOILER AHEAD) >>>>>>Manon and her witches storyline finally interacts with Aelin’s, and their meeting is quite explosive lol! They are quite the match for each other<<<<<<(end of spoiler)

The thing I disliked most was the direction the author took Chaol’s character. Truly it feels like she had originally intended for Aelin and Chaol to be together, but then I think she changed her mind when other characters were dreamed up. So originally Chaol is very honorable and mild, and then suddenly in this book he’s completely lost himself. He isn’t recognizable at all from the Chaol in TOG and HOF. I’m not a fan of how the author wrapped his character up, but I find that I don’t care too much because by 20% into the book I didn’t really care what happened to him! Luckily the other characters (old and new) make up for this disappointment! The second half in particular brought a lot of surprises and shocks! There are a couple of deaths I did not see coming, and some major MAJOR events occur that I didn’t think would happen yet in the series. So the book definitely moves the plot along, and the next book should bring quite a few changes with it. The ending is surprising and game-changing, but its wrapped up well enough that you don’t feel like you’ll go completely insane waiting for the next book.

Favorite Character award goes to: Rowan

Favorite Scene Award goes to: The nightgown scene

Favorite death award goes to: 
AHHAHAHA Im not going to tell you guys who died! But people do lol! Big happenings in this book, big big happenings!

So have you read it? What did you think? Or if you haven’t read it yet, what do you think based on my commentary? Do you like that I avoided spoilers or do you prefer to have your spoilers with your reviews?

Happy Reading 🙂

Liked it? Loved it? Gotta have more of it? 

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About the Author: Sarah J. Maas is the bestselling author of The Throne of Glass Series.

Citation & Credits
Book cover image: Courtesy of Amazon.com
Book Talk: Kelsey Bogan. 2015. All rights reserved.
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8 thoughts on “(Release Day Review) Queen of Shadows by SJM

  1. Crazy! You read it already! Haha! I’m so excited! I still have a long wait before I can read it though but oh my goodness, your review has me even more excited. I was squealing and everything. When I read deaths, my heart stopped! I hope it’s no one that I liked. I heard about Chaol’s drastic character change, so I’ll see how I feel about him in QoS. Great review!!

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