Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Bad Bookish Habits

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Brought to us by The Broke and the Bookish!

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is to talk about the top bookish things I want to quit!

  1. The first thing I have to quit is reading too many reviews of a book before reading it. I keep accidentally spoiling the book and then I don’t want to read it! This happened recently with Allegiant from the Divergent series! And then once it was spoiled I didn’t want to read the book anymore. This is a really bad habit I need to break.
  2. 761861Another bad habit I have is binge-reading a book in one sitting (or a series back-to-back) to the extent that I skip doing chores or even sleeping. Sometimes if its a big book release I even schedule the day off from work so I can start reading the book at midnight when it gets to my kindle lol! Now that I’m an official adult I should probably work on this
  3. RdjzVkBI really need to work on slogging through all the e-ARCs I request. I’ve had some bad luck with a couple of my choices lately and it feels like torture getting through them, but i should try harder I suppose.
  4. Crazy-GifI currently have a bunch of TBR lists all over the place, and I think I should work on keeping them in one place. I have one on my blog, one of goodreads, one on my “stickies” app, and yet another in a word document lol! Oh also an amazon wish list!
  5. 10074535Sometimes I spend more time reading book reviews and creating TBR lists in a night than I do actually reading a book from the list! Not very efficient!
  6. 8627816I really really need to work on getting my book reviews written immediately after reading the book. I read a lot of books, sometimes I could read 5 a week and I’m good about keeping track of whats been read but I can be bad about writing the reviews right away. But get better at this!
  7. tumblr_mefiyyHE8m1qkhfgjo1_500Im new to book blogging and reviewing so I haven’t gotten great at taking notes while reading yet. Im still used to just reading the book, but to write better reviews I want to try to actually take notes while reading.
  8. I read almost all of my books on my kindle, but I’m really bad about keeping my “collections” organized. Like when I buy a new book I don’t always remember to put it in the author’s collection. Its like having “messy” virtual book shelves

Well thats 8 bad habits, I couldn’t think of two more right now! I’m sure they’ll come to me right after making this post.

Do any of you guys have similar bad habits?

23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Bad Bookish Habits

  1. I’m having a hard time too, taking notes while I read. I don’t read as much books as you per week, I don’t have time sadly, but even though, I’m just always pushing back the time to write my reviews, and I think it would be better if I just wrote down some notes while reading 🙂 I really read too many book reviews, too, it’s so dangerous, haha!
    You can check out my TTT if you have time 🙂

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  2. This was enlightening in the sense that I should probably focus on some of these, too. :p I never knew people took notes while reading a book to help with reviews. I feel like that would take away the fun of reading a book and I don’t read just to review. I read to enjoy and then reviewing’s just on top of it. Am I crazy for that?

    And all the stuff you mentioned about Kindles and e-books makes me really happy that I don’t have to worry about those. :p I like having tangible books that can be organized readily on a bookshelf (though I don’t have a bookshelf at the moment >.>)

    Gah! I totally spent all day yesterday looking at Amazon books, trying to understand e-reading, and adding books to my TBR. I totally get that procrastination thing! Haha! But you may want to work on the cutting back on reading. That’ll be bad on your health if you don’t watch it and we want you to stay healthy!

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    • Yea taking notes is tough for me, I’ve never been one of those readers who highlights or puts notes in the margins of my books so its been hard to get used to keeping track of my thoughts as i read. Lol my bookshelves are kind of the same as my virtual shelves, they always start out really neat but as I read I get so excited to read the next thing I’m not so careful about putting things back! lol hmm pull back on reading, don’t know if thats possible!


      • GAH! Writing in books?! Absolutely not! Probably one of the reasons why I /don’t/ take notes when I read is because I’d have to have paper nearby, and then there’s the pausing to write and trying to get back into the story. It breaks up the whole process. I much prefer just reading through and enjoying it to get a sense of the story without over-analyzing it. I mean, that’s how normal people read, yeah? Why shouldn’t that be how we review books, too?

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  3. With me when I take notes on a book I am reading sometimes they don’t make that much sense as I have been reading the book I am taking notes on in the middle of the night so when I look back on my notes they aren’t really that much use!

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  4. I am terrible for reading book reviews before deciding whether or not I should buy the book. I find that I miss just going into a new book completely blind and with no expectations.

    I’m also guilty for reading books in one sitting which always seemed like a good idea at the time but in the long run it was not good for my body. Sleep is needed, especially if I had to get up early the next day.

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