Top Ten Tuesday – Co-writing Powerhouse Duos

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is to talk about the top ten Author Duos I’d like to see!

PS If you click the links of authors it takes you to their amazon page, if you click the links of book titles it takes you to my review of those titles!


Jay Kristoff & Meagan Spooner


Ok, Jay Kristoff has co-written a book with Amie Kaufman (Illuminae) and Meagan Spooner co-writes a series with Amie Kaufman (These Broken Stars) so I’d love to see what would happen if Jay and Meagan co-wrote something! Because I ADORE the books they both co-write with Amie Kaufman so very much. They both write speculative fiction books that feature a male and female protagonist and is told from their alternating viewpoints. They also both include veins of romance in the stories, though the romance is secondary to the sci-fi plot, which I like.

Amie KaufmanVeronica Rossi


I enjoy Amie’s series (Illuminae & These Broken Stars) and Veronica’s Under the Never Sky series so much, and I think they’d make and interesting co-writing team. Amie writes speculative fiction taking place in space (space opera) while Veronica’s series was Dystopian, but both use alternating viewpoints of a male and female lead, both include romantic elements, and both are young, fresh authors. I’d love to see what they’d come up with together, since I adore what I’ve read from both so far!

Jennifer Armentrout and Melissa Landers


Jennifer and Melissa both have light, romantic series that follow the same couple throughout the whole series. Both feature a human girl falling in love with an Alien boy. While Jennifer’s series takes place on Earth, however, Melissa’s moves from Earth to an Alien planet. I really think it’d be fun to see what they would come up with together, since they have such similar story lines out right now, and yet each has a distinctly different focus and voice. I really enjoyed both of their series (reviews to come), though I currently lean more toward Melissa’s Alienated series.

Danielle Jensen and Sarah J. Maas


I’d pair these two up because of Sarah’s new A Court of Thorns and Roses series and Danielle’s Malidiction series. Both have a kind of “beauty and the beast-esqu” to them, and both feature beautifully drawn worlds and fully realized characters, plus hot “leadership” guys! They also both have some nice political intrigue and action/villains included. Sarah’s story involves a girl “abducted” by the Fae to live with them to break a curse, while Danielle’s features a young girl “abducted” by the Trolls to live with them and break a curse. I really loved both of these books so far and I think these two authors might make a killer team!

Kiera Cass and Suzanne Collins


This one’s a little bit of a funny one, because I think these two books are polar opposites, and yet the Selection series by Cass is frequently called “Hunger Games without the bloodshed.” Well I don’t really think they are that similar (I’m not a huge fan of the Selection – sorry sorry!) but I think it would be HYSTERICAL for these two authors to co-write something. I think it would be absolutely over-the-top!

Tamora Pierce and Sarah J Maas


I talk about Tamora Pierce a lot on my blog, because she is like the first author I read in the YA High Fantasy genre, and she’s a major reason that I’ve stuck with Fantasy most of my life. Now that I’ve recently gotten back into reading YA Fantasy again, I’ve found Sarah J. Maas (especially her Throne of Glass series) to remind me a lot of Tamora. I think Sarah might be this generations’s Tamora Pierce! Both authors write about bad-a$$, kick-A$$ females who don’t need a man (but usually choose to have some anyway 🙂 ) and who aren’t afraid to fight for what they think is right. Both include excellent secondary characters and beautifully drawn and complex worlds an political tensions. If you’re a fan of one of these authors, I HIGHLY recommend you try the other. And I would be out of my mind if they ever co-wrote something. It would probably be the Lord of the Rings of our time. No doubt.


Kresley Cole & Gena Showalter


Any fans of adult paranormal romance out there will probably understand that Kresley and Gena would be a co-writing powerhouse of epic awesome-ness in a bottle. They are actually friends IRL and they often endorse each other’s books. They both write contemporary romances, PNR romances, and they each also have YA fantasy series as well. Both authors are well-known for their hot & aggressive male characters, scorching “steamy” romances, and for including humor into their books. Most people who are fans of one author are fans of the other and many fans have been clamoring for these two to co-write something! I read both their PNRs and YAs and my opinion is that out of the two Adult PNR series, Cole’s Immortals After Dark is stronger, while out of the two YA series, Showalter’s White Rabbit Chronicles takes the cake. In terms of their YA series you can see my reviews:

Kresley Cole’s Poison Princess (Arcana Chronicles 1)
Gena Showalter’s Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles 1)
Gena Showalter’s Queen of Zombie Hearts (White Rabbit Chronicles 3)
Gena Showalter’s A Mad Zombie Party (White Rabbit Chronicles 4/Companion Novel)


Patricia Briggs and Jim Butcher


I can’t even really spend a lot of time imagining if these two co-wrote something together because the amazing-ness of such a prospect is almost too much to handle for my brain right now. In my opinion these are two of the strongest and best authors of Urban Fantasy out there right now, and I believe they are going to be well known for the genre long after their time, much like Tolkien is. Exquisite world building, complex and dynamic, often “flawed” characters, fully developed and “real” side-characters, and plots and action, these two both totally “bring it.” Honestly, if Briggs’ Mercy Thompson ever met Butcher’s Harry Dresden, I don’t even know what would happen, but it would be freaking awesome. Both authors write about modern day characters living in a world where magic and monsters exist alongside regular humans. Both draw heavily from european mythologies (Fae, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, etc) but each one has created wonderful origins and characteristics for each “race” and both have main characters that are very clever and very, very funny.

Grace Draven and Juliet Marillier


Juliet Marillier is well known for her High Fantasies which usually take place in Ireland or Scotland, and which usually include a romance interwoven throughout the story. She’s been a staple of her genre for years and a lot of her books are mourn classics (such as Daughter of the Forest, which I highly recommend). Grace Draven is a newer author, who plays in the same genre as Juliet, and who has not become as famous yet as I think she will. Grace reminds me a lot of Juliet in terms of their world-building and characterizations. I don’t mean that it feels like Grace has repeated what Juliet’s done, just that the “epic-feeling” nature of the stories, the complex and beautiful world building, and the heart-breaking and touching romances each includes in their stories reminds me of the other. If you are a fan of either of these authors I recommend you try the other. I adore how each author usually includes characters who are flawed or in some way “imperfect” and I enjoy that the romances are usually “slow-build” but very beautiful and believable. Were they to co-write something, I think it would be epic and heart-wrenchingly emotional.

Alright so there you have it, my dream teams for adult and YA authors! What do you guys think?

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Co-writing Powerhouse Duos

  1. I think that Kiera Cass and Suzanne Collins would be an interesting choice especially since they wrote completely different plot styles: romance and action, respectively. If the two wrote a book together it would probably be pretty epic since they’d be able to cover every base to make an awesome story. ^.^

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