Mockingjay Part II Review!


Ok, I saw Mockingjay Part II on Wednesday this week, which was the earliest you could possibly see it! I went to a Movie Tavern at 4pm to see the double feature, so I got to watch Part I and Part II back-to-back, which was awesome!

I love these books. I rank them up there with Harry Potter as modern day classics. I think they are excellently written, and powerful in how they capture the true essence of human nature.

So far I’ve enjoyed the films, as well. I think they are among some of the better book-to-movie adaptations, although of course the books are better (almost always!).

This is the first series that I can ever remember where the sequel is the best (or my favorite, at least). Usually the second book or movie in a series is far weaker than the first, but in this case I actually love both the book and film adaptations of Catching Fire.

I thought Mockingjay Part II did a really great job in closing out the series, with only a few minor quibbles. It stays very true to the books, except it skips a lot of the material that is included in the third book. I think the problem is that in the third book, so much of the important stuff happens in Katniss’s head. And its hard for movies to portray those inner monologues. So there were things that the film left out which was a bummer. Additionally, even though the film is 2 hours and 16 minutes long, it still seems a bit rushed, and not as much time is given to certain things (Peeta’s recovery, Katniss training, etc) that I would have liked.

However, I do think the film accurately captures a lot of the emotion of the book, and even though I knew what was going to happen, the movie still left me shocked and appalled at all the key scenes.

All -in-all, I recommend this film, as long as you know going in that it is extremely raw, emotional, and dark.



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