My dad has cancer and we need help

Hello my fellow bloggers (and readers)! I’m taking a moment out of my normal posting schedule to let you know whats going on in my family right now, and to ask for your help.

Two months or so ago my dad was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer, after a tumor spontaneously appeared in his thigh. He’s begun an aggressive and very difficult treatment plan to fight this cancer. Even after 4 months of chemo, 5 weeks of radiation, surgical removal, and physical therapy, there is still a large risk of recurrence. I’m very close to my father and this is a very difficult time. My dad is a truck driver, and this cancer treatment is going to prevent him from working for at least the next year, so I’ve started a GoFundMe to try to raise some help for my parents. They are very worried that the medical bills, insurance premiums, prescriptions, and travel expenses, in addition to normal life expenses, are going to cause them to lose their house.

If you have the ability and desire to help us, I am so appreciative. Donating, sharing our story, and/or praying or hoping for us means a lot to us right now.

My dad is one of those rare, truly decent men in the world. He’s a U.S. Veteran. He has worked 12-14 hour overnight shifts my entire life so that he could be home in time to pick me up from school, or to coach my teams. He never missed a single prom dress shopping experience, diving meet, soccer game, gymnastics tournament, or school dance. He is the one who would drive me to the bookstore several times a week so I could get the next book in the series. He is the one who took me to the midnight Harry Potter release parties (which were an hour from our house!) and accompanied me to all of the films as well. He taught me how to withstand the bullies and he taught me that there are reliable men out there. He taught me how to keep an open mind and how to love. And he made sure that I’ve never wanted for a single thing in my entire life, even though he had to work so, so hard to make it all happen.

He and my mother are wonderful people who are in true need of help right now. If you were looking for someone to help out this holiday season, I hope you’ll consider us. Thank you so much reading this and for all the positive thoughts I know will follow.


Best regards, and much love,


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