It’s Not “Fake News” (& Why You Should Present at Edu Conferences)

Hey all!

I had the absolute privilege to present at the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference (PETE&C) this week!  My presentation was called “Fight “Fake News” with Media Literacy.” I had presented on this topic last year at the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association as well, but it felt different (i.e. more intimidating) to be presenting at a conference that wasn’t geared specifically towards Librarians! I was definitely feeling some imposter syndrome kicking in. My presentation was scheduled for the LAST session of the LAST day! Which meant that I had to spend all 3 days of the conference in a state of anxiety before I finally presented! That. Was. Not. Cool.

But it went really well (phew!) and the feedback was great.  You can find the presentation and all of my Media Literacy resources on this brand new Wakelet library I just created.  Everything I share there is absolutely free to reuse non-commercially. Tagging and credit is always appreciated, of course! And if you re-use anything, I always love to hear how it went!

See the video recording of me presenting here!

Find the slide presentation and related resources here!

If there is something you are really passionate about, or something you feel you are doing really well in your schools, I hope you’ll seriously consider proposing to present on your awesomeness at some of your local state (or heck, go big and go national!) education conferences. It is a great experience to share success stories and strategies with other educators.  It is also a great advocacy strategy because you will impress your district and your peers!  Presenting at conferences has helped me gain confidence, meet awesome new educators, and establish myself as an “expert” among my admin and colleagues.

As we all know, it can be difficult, as a school librarian, to get our admin and colleagues to see us as the professionals that we are. There is such a stereotype of what a Librarian is or can be, that we are often fighting an uphill battle just to be recognized as fellow teachers.  The best way I’ve found so far to begin overcoming these challenges, and to begin crushing those pre-conceived notions, is by offering as many PDs to my staff as I can. Now I have also begun seeking opportunities for presenting outside of my own district at state level conferences too!  Next year my goal is to present at national conference. Next year I’m shooting for ISTE!

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