Diversity Audit 3 – Mystery & Horror Genre

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As you know from my last post I have begun a comprehensive and extensive Diversity Audit on my high school library’s fiction collection.  I have decided to do the diversity audit by genre first, so that I will have data on the diversity of each individual genre. This information will help immensely with my collection development efforts going forward. After I have completed all 7 genre’s diversity audit, since I am completing it within a common excel sheet, I will also have the data for the collection as a whole.

This post is for presenting the data collected during the audit of my mystery/horror genre. You can view the results of my Fantasy Diversity Audit here, and my SciFi Diversity Audit here.

Download my Mystery horror diversity audit pdf

Download the Mystery/Horror Diversity Audit (Google Sheets)

Order the Stick Together I designed! Makes a GREAT and powerful collaborative activity for your library!


Changes I Made

I did not make too many changes to the process during this audit, but I did make one small change.  I added a column called “problematic content” so that I could keep track of which books I find that include problematic or harmful racial stereotypes.  I’ve noticed that while I’m researching the books to find out their diversity representation, I’m often finding that some of them have reputations for poor representation so I want to keep note of those ones so I can go back in and weed them out. You can see the column in the downloadable google sheet found above.

Mystery/Horror Author Diversity:

meta-chart (3)

meta-chart (4)

Mystery/Horror Main Character Diversity

meta-chart (6)

meta-chart (7)

meta-chart (8)

As you can see, our Mystery/Horror genre is even worse than our Fantasy & Sci-Fi genres for diversity representation. This is particularly distressing because the Mystery/Horror is by far one of the most popular genres for our students and staff.  I now know that I need to do some emergency collection development of this genre, and will make sure I start researching and finding great #ownvoices books in this genre for our collection!

Fight Injustice Embrace Equality
Fight Injustice Embrace Equality
by Do_Not_Shush_Me

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