Go TikTok Live with Me!

As many of you know, I run my library’s official TikTok account @gvhslibrary. I’ve recently begun to do Live streaming sessions on TikTok, with my focus being on doing dual Lives with other people who work or exist within “book world” (Librarians, Library workers, Booksellers, Authors, Booktokers, people working in publishing, etc).

If you are interested in joining me for a dual Live chat, I’d be more than happy to schedule one with you! Reach out to let me know!

**Please note that TikTok does not let you go Live until you’ve exceeded 1000 followers.**

**Please note that tiktok will not let you go Live until you have at least 1000 followers. If you’re not there yet just keep posting! You’ll get there quickly if you stay on top of the trends, keep your content focused on what your audience is enjoying, and post consistently (at least once per day on most days is a good goal!)

**You also must have your age entered into your TIkTok account profile because TikTok won’t let you go live if it thinks you are younger than 16.**

Learn more about why I think TikTok is awesome for librarians here!

TikTok offers this advice about going Live

How Do Dual Lives with Me Work?

So doing the dual Live is super simple. Here are the instructions:

  1. We decide on a day and time to schedule our dual Live.
    1. We can agree ahead of time on a specific topic for the Live or we can wing it and let the conversation progress naturally where it wills.
  2. At the scheduled time we will both open our TikTok apps and click on the “plus sign” button
  3. Swipe over to “Live”
  4. Title the Live – I will title mine something like “Two Librarians Chatting” or “Librarian Chats w. Booktokker” or “Librarian Chatting w. Author” etc.
    1. Try to use keywords for your title because TikTok will push your Live out to people based on the keywords you use
  5. Go Live (we both have to go Live separately initially and then I will combine the Lives into a dual session)
  6. ****Now that you are Live you just wait a minute or two and you will see an invite from me show up on your screen. You accept the invite and we are now in a dual Live chat!


After clicking the “plus sign” button you will swipe at the bottom of screen to “Live.” Then title your Live at the top and click “Go Live”

Important Side Notes

The chats on each of our screens will not merge, so a Dual Live really is still like two separate chats happening at once. I wont be able to see who is watching on your side or see their comments. Similarly you wont be able to see who is watching or commenting on my side. So its important that we talk to each other about what’s happening, read comments out loud, etc

Also engagement is really important in TikTok so you want to be engaging with the comments and also asking people to double tap their screens OFTEN to give likes to your live, ask them to share it, to comment, etc. Engagement is key.

If we succeed in being engaging, TikTok will reward us by pushing our other TikTok videos out on the FYP during our Live. If we do a really good job it may even push our Live session out on the FYP!

But most important is that we have fun, because that’s what will make it enjoyable for us and for any viewers we get!

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