My Library Signage (& free downloads)

All of my signage is freely available below. You may use it! You may not sell it or share it as your own. Be cool, ok? 🙂


It is not required but it is very greatly appreciated if you are able! We have a hard time keeping up with our student’s voracious hunger for bookmarks and makerspace items, so every little bit of help is greatly appreciated!

Saving on Budget by Making My Own Signage (no poster printer needed)

I love making my own signage. Partly its because I’m budget-conscious and I like saving $ where we can by embracing DIY opportunities where I’m able. Signage is one area its relatively easy to save $ on, thanks to awesome tools like and

I enjoy making my own signage also because I like design AND because I’m just a little bit picky and particular. I like my signage to be custom so it conveys what I need it to convey, and I like it to be the size I want it to be. I’m a little bit controlling in that way lol.

  • How I create my signage for free and without a poster printer:
    • I first determine the size I want the final sign/poster to be.
    • Then I go to and create a custom blank document to the determined size specification.
    • Then I either design from scratch or use a canva template to design the signage.
    • Next I download the sign as a .PNG to my computer
    • Then I go to
    • In rasterbator I upload the PNG and then play with the settings and output until the rasterbator “poster size” is listed as the size I want my final sign/poster to be.
    • Then I click “continue,” “no effects” continue, continue and then “complete poster”
    • Give it a minute and the PDF of your poster will download to your desktop.
    • You now have a PDF of your poster which can be printed on any standard printer. Once I print it, I then trim the white margins off and I then tape the poster together and laminate it. And voila! A free poster of any size and any design I want. It costs in labor because its a bit time consuming, but it saves on costly signage you order from other vendors.

From this point down you can view my signage and then access the editable templates via the canva template links provided. Enjoy!

My Fiction Genre Signage

Template link to fiction and spanish genre signs

My Graphic Novel Sign

Template link to Graphic Novel sign

My Manga Series Signs

Template link to manga series signs

My Nonfiction “Neighborhoods” Top of Bookcase Signs

Template link to nonfiction top shelf signage

My Nonfiction Shelf Marker Signage

Template link to nonfiction shelf signage

PS I make these by printing the design and then gluing it to 11x14in file folders. then I laminate them.

My Memoir Bookcase Signs

template link to memoir signage:

My Welcome & Goodbye signs (english and spanish)

Template link to door signs in english and spanish


    • First I measure to see what size I want the poster to be, then I design it in canva for that size. Then I download the high resolution png image from canva and upload it to, choose the amount of pages down and across it needs to print on in order to be the right size when compiled, download the rasterbated poster, print it on a regular color printer, then trim the edges, tape the sign together, laminate it, and hang it. Its a bit time consuming as a process for getting posters but its free and doesnt require an actual poster printer, so its worth it for me!


  1. How do you get your laminated signs to stand upright? Maybe it’s just the way I’m seeing them in the photos but it looks like some of the large signs floating. 🙂 I’d love some tips!


    • Sure! The signs atop the bookcases are just printed on cardstock then laminated. Then I tape them to the backs of two metal bookends (one on each end of the sign) and that props them standing up on the bookcases. The ones that hang from the celling, I use a whole punch on each end & then tie clear string (like fishing line) into each whole punch and then attach them to drop ceiling hooks so they dangle at the height I want!


  2. I love how well everything is marked in your library. I definitely need to up my signage game. Do you have a link for the nonfiction shelf marker signage?


  3. I didn’t see the link to My Nonfiction Shelf Marker Signage; the link under it is for the welcom-goodbye signs. Anyway you could link it? I love them!


    • whoops lol they are swapped, so the nonfiction link is lower down the page under the welcome signs lol. I’ve gone ahead and swapped them to their correct places so you should be able to access them now!


  4. I love these signs that you have created but when I went to download them from Canva I am prompted to a 30 day free trial. Is there a way to download your signs without doing the free trial. Thanks.


    • Hmm this is a good question. Because these posters are editable it probably requires you to have a canva account in order to access them but canva does have a completely free version anyone can sign up for (and they have a great educator upgrade so if you are an educator definitely sign up for that)


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