“He’s a 10 but…” Display (Free Downloads)

I was inspired to create a digital book display around the “He’s a 10 but…” meme that’s been circulating the internet. I saw this idea first done by Meigs County District Library on their facebook page and loved the idea so wanted to try it myself. This is a digital version for now since we’re still out for summer break, but I figure I can easily add a physical display once school starts. I can even print these instagram-able posts and use them physically too, perhaps taping them to the walls outside the library or putting them on a bulletin board or something.

I really like to get as much “bang for my buck” as possible so when I do content creation I like to think about multiple uses, I’m always thinking about “how can I use something in more than one way or across multiple mediums?” I also like to think about accessibility and prefer to create displays that can have both physical and digital versions, that way the kids who are able to be physically in the library get to enjoy it but the kids who aren’t physically in the library also get to enjoy it because it can be shared on our social media or through our learning management system, newsletters, etc.

I’m sharing these here and you are welcome to share and re-use them non-commercially. And if you come up with your own versions for books I’ve not included, I’d love to see (and borrow) them so consider posting them on social media and tagging me (@kelseybogan on twitter and tiktok) or commenting your “they’re a 10 but…” ideas below!

The editable Canva Template is Available Here


  1. Wow, thanks for these! I’ll definitely use some of them and I’ll let you know what I make. We’ve started screening book slides on the big screen as kids come into assembly as well as having Instagram and Facebook pages so these will work well for that too.


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