Book Display – What to Read If You Like ‘The Last of Us’ (free downloads)

This is a quick post. I did a new display this week of readalikes for fans of “The Last of Us.” Each of the books I chose deal in some way with characters trying to survive “the end of the world as we know it.” Not necessarily directly similar to the Last of Us’s Zombie apocalypse vibe but dealing with at least one of the show’s themes such as: apocalypse, dystopian, zombies, survival, banding together, trying to save the world, etc. I’m including the template links to the display sign and my shelf-talkers, feel free to re-use them non-commercially!

Template link for Display Sign

Template link for shelf-talkers



  1. Be warned if you do this book display at a public library – I put one up last week and ended up with multiple conspiracy theorists asking who paid me to put it up/thought I was a prophet…


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