A little about me…


My name is Kelsey Bogan and I am the High School Library Media Specialist in Pennsyvlania. After graduating from Drexel University in 2015 with my Master of Science in Library & Information Science, I was awarded the Outstanding Student Librarian Award by the Pennsylvania School Library Association. I then embarked on my career as a School Librarian (or my preferred title: Information Wizard:). When I’ve been thoroughly enjoying shaking it up and dragging it into the 21st century. Every day is an adventure!

In recent years my main focus and priorities have been: improving diversity representation in library collections,  leveraging the advocacy & community building power of social media for libraries, and enhancing media literacy instruction practices for our staff and students.

I enjoy speaking and presenting (virtually or in person) both nationally and internationally. If you would like to book me to speak or present at your event or to your library staff, email me by filling out the contact form below!
Some of the most common topics I’m asked to present on include:
  • Diversity Audits or Diversifying the Collection
  • (re)Developing an Inclusive Library Collection, Program, & Space
  • Ditching Dewey
  • TikTok for Librarians
  • Building a Dynamic Social Media Presence (& how to get people to follow you!)
  • Media Literacy/Fake News
  • Weeding
  • Genre-fication
  • any other topic you see highlighted on my blog
  • I’m also open to suggestions, we can work together to develop a PD or presentation to best fit your needs.

Contact Me!

A little bit about Don’t Shush Me…

This blog began in 2014 as an assignment in my Young Adult Literature course. I’ve decided to transition the blog at this time into a Librarian blog, where I can reflect on and share my experiences. Hopefully this reflection will help as I strive to improve my practice, and maybe help connect other librarians, educators, information professionals, etc.

This is a personal blog and the views found here do not reflect that of my employer.



  1. Hi Kelsey! So I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World blogger award but I see some already did earlier, dang! All well, I’m going to keep on my list anyways because I love your blog 🙂

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